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Courageous Conversation 23: Student housing in crisis

  • Thursday 14 October
  • 5:15 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Free event, drinks and snacks included
  • Location: 3D on campus
  • Audience: students
  • Language: English
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We’ll be serving snacks and drinks, so join us in 3D for this conversation and let your voice be heard.

“The current housing shortage will remain a major problem until at least 2030”, “900,000 people in their twenties and thirties live with parents” (AD), “a quarter of tenants are financially stuck” (Nibud).

You will have noticed that the Netherlands is facing her greatest housing crisis in years. Every student knows by now that finding accommodation in the Netherlands really hard. There is a huge shortage of homes in Amsterdam, but it is also not easy to find a home outside the city. In addition, many living spaces are not affordable for students.

Both Dutch and international students run into a lot of problems in their search for a home. Dutch students are sometimes on waiting lists for years, often with success only in later years, only to be forced to return to their parents after their studies. For international students, there are also many stumbling blocks, such as not qualifying for a home through university, or hospitalization. In addition, rents are skyrocketing which means it’s becoming harder for students to find an affordable a place to live.

We’re organizing this Courageous Conversation so we can share all our thoughts on the theme of “housing” with the VU community. How can we ensure mutual understanding between the different interests that play a role in the process of student housing? How can we work together on a solution?

This Courageous Conversation will be joined by people from VU International Housing student service and Duwo.

Location: 3D on campus

3D is located in the W&N building. Our entrance is on campus square, next to Spar, opposite the glass container. Find us on Google maps.

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The Courageous Conversations are courageous and difficult conversations for VU students and staff about uncomfortable questions on the big questions of society that concern and sometimes can divide us as a university community. VU debate center 3D and the Diversity Office organize the Courageous Conversations on a regular basis.
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